B.S. Degree in Finance {21-22} - Bank Management II

Course Code
FINC 426  Credits
Title Bank Management II 
Prerequisite FINC 425 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This course extends the content of Bank Management FINC 425 and the management of commercial banks to a more advanced level. The course continues the concepts introduced and developed in FINC 425 associated with the analysis and bank performance drivers, balance sheet structure, and risk management/mitigation. It advances critical concepts that represent primary dimensions within most commercial banks within the present operating environment with more in depth and engaged analyses of loan (credit) underwriting (commercial and commercial real estate), secondary market residential mortgage lending, the role (structure, development, and analysis) of mortgage-backed securities in modern bank investment portfolios, and interest rate risk modeling. Students will participate in a mock loan committee as presenters of a loan proposal. The course introduces the impact of decision making on bank performance via a dynamic bank performance simulation exercise employed throughout the duration of the course, aimed to challenge the student to engage strategies in pursuit of growth, market position, and quite essentially, long-term profitability. Asset-liability management concepts are investigated as the determinants of risk and reward. The course focuses on the drivers of bank financial performance and the principal risk influences bank executives face every day within a setting where students realize the consequences of decisions.