B.F.A Degree in Art Education {21-22} - Advanced Methods: Art Education

Course Code
ART 402  Credits
Title Advanced Methods: Art Education 
Prerequisite ART 350 ART 375 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description The primary intent and first half of this course focuses on ensuring that students are prepared to enter a classroom or other educational setting armed with the most current, relevant and practical classroom management strategies and teaching methodologies. This course will focus on what it means to be a professional career educator, advocate and leader in the field of art education. Students will learn about professional portfolio preparation, art career exploration and investigate the most current, relevant and effective uses of technology. The second half of the course is to provide opportunities for students to tailor their education to investigate areas of personal interest within art education related fields. Students will be allowed to choose between flexible units of study and experiences. Students have the opportunity to spend 30-60 hours in visual art related service learning practicum settings (30 partner agencies) of their choice or they may choose between a variety of other units of study and research such as Educational Technology, Crafts in the classroom, Arts Advocacy, Public art, Art Therapy and participating in the Student Academic Conference on an art education related research project. This course is required for K-12 licensure for teachers of Art Education and is a part of the MSUM Service Learning initiative.