B.S.W. Degree in Social Work {21-22} - Generalist Practice with Groups

Course Code
SW 442  Credits
Title Generalist Practice with Groups 
Prerequisite SW 330 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This course offers an overview of the basic knowledge, values, and skills applied in social work with groups. Students will become acquainted with the stages of group development and the dynamics, objectives, and tasks of each stage. General leadership skills will be explored as well as specific interventions with the individual group member, the group as a whole, and the group's external environment. The class will also examine groups as manifestations of societal/cultural norms and will discuss the specific knowledge, values, and skills related to working with groups that have diverse membership. The student will gain experience as a member and leader of a growth group and will apply the knowledge and skills learned and discussed in class to her/his growth group process.