Master of Healthcare Administration {21-22} - Health Information Systems

Course Code
MHA 638  Credits
Title Health Information Systems 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This course provides foundational knowledge regarding healthcare informatics and information systems. Students will learn the history and basic definitions of concepts related to healthcare informatics. Students will explore the benefits and barriers in adopting health information technology within healthcare organizations. Students will discuss how data can be leveraged from information systems to drive process changes that promote patient-centered care, patient safety, and quality improvement. The course will focus on: (a) Background and foundational information for health informatics; (b) Information systems and applications for delivery of healthcare ; (c) Participatory healthcare informatics and healthcare on the internet; (d) Life cycle of the health information system/project management; (e) User experience, standards, safety, and analytics in health informatics; (f) Governance structures, legal, and regulatory issues in health informatics; (g) Education and informatics; and (h) The future of health informatics, including international efforts and bioinformatics.