Master of Science in Nursing - Graduate Certificates in Nurse Education, Nurse Administration & Organizational Systems Leadership, and Informatics, Evidence-Based Practice & Project Management/Strategy {21-22} - Healthcare Law and Ethical Decision Making

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MHA 618  Credits
Title Healthcare Law and Ethical Decision Making 
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Description This course focuses on the complex and ever-changing legal principles and issues encountered in healthcare. This includes ethical issues/dilemmas (e.g. patient rights and provider duties in complex situations) and the role of the healthcare leader in making decisions utilizing ethical principles. Specifically, this course is designed to provide an overview of the general legal rules and concepts governing many aspects of the healthcare industry. The primary focus of this course is law as it relates to the delivery of healthcare in settings that include: hospitals, long-term care facilities, and medical offices. Exposure to numerous areas of the law that impact healthcare well be discussed including: modern tort laws, contracts, criminal law, employment law, and a review of the law governing business organizations.