Master of Science in Nursing - Graduate Certificates in Nurse Education, Nurse Administration & Organizational Systems Leadership, and Informatics, Evidence-Based Practice & Project Management/Strategy {21-22} - Healthcare Delivery Systems, Policy, and Reimbursement

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MHA 628  Credits
Title Healthcare Delivery Systems, Policy, and Reimbursement 
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Description This course is focused on the process of leadership in (a) health care delivery systems, (b) policy at organizational and governmental levels, (c) impact of national policy on US health care delivery systems, and (d) financing and reimbursement of health care. Students will analyze ethical decision-making and key stakeholder roles in policy development. Students will examine how policies impact health care outcomes of individuals, families, and populations. This may include (but not limited to): (a) political, economic and social evolution, (b) access to medical services, (c) public and private insurance, and (d) current issues in organization and reimbursement. Fiscal, economic forces and quality impacts of policy decisions upon institutions and the health care system will be considered.