Master of Science in Nursing - Graduate Certificates in Nurse Education, Nurse Administration & Organizational Systems Leadership, and Informatics, Evidence-Based Practice & Project Management/Strategy {21-22} - Advanced Nurse Educator Practicum Capstone II

Course Code
NURS 643P  Credits
Title Advanced Nurse Educator Practicum Capstone II 
Prerequisite NURS 600, NURS 629, NURS 639, NURS 649, NURS 605 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This practicum experience takes place in healthcare or academic setting. If students choose an academic setting, the focus must be on a different education program or different institution than that pursued in NURS 642P. The student will have opportunities for the application of nurse educator knowledge and skills in the selected setting. Students will collaborate with a preceptor, observe the role of the nurse educator, and implement nurse educator practices. Major competencies include nurse educator advanced roles, interdisciplinary collaboration, evidence-based teaching and learning practices, professional issues, organizational education, practice trends, industry influences, changing role of the educator, and self-assessment. The course focuses on the expanded role expectations for registered nurses prepared at the graduate level in nursing education. 100 precepted clinical hours are integrated into the course (on-site, virtual, and/or simulated) which includes direct-care hours.