Master of Science in Nursing - Graduate Certificates in Nurse Education, Nurse Administration & Organizational Systems Leadership, and Informatics, Evidence-Based Practice & Project Management/Strategy {21-22} - NAOSL Practicum Capstone I

Course Code
NURS 644P  Credits
Title NAOSL Practicum Capstone I 
Prerequisite NURS 650, NURS 605, NURS 628, NURS 638 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This course focuses on nursing leadership in a healthcare setting. The student will have opportunities to apply knowledge relative to organizational systems leadership roles within healthcare settings. Students will collaborate with a preceptor, observe the role of the nurse administrator/organizational leader, and apply administrative/leadership skills in a healthcare specialty area. . Course experiences will address the American Organization of Nurse Leadership (AONL) competencies at the Nurse Executive and Clinical Nursing Manager and Leader (CNML) levels. 100 precepted clinical hours are integrated into the course (on-site, virtual, and/or simulated).