Master of Science in Special Education {21-22} - Methods of Developmental Disabilities: Birth-Age 21

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SPED 641  Credits
Title Methods of Developmental Disabilities: Birth-Age 21 
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Description This course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to competently provide specially designed systematic instruction to students with a broad range of cognitive impairments and deficits in adaptive behavior. “Broad range” means all levels of cognitive impairment, mild-moderate through severe-profound. The course provides in depth coverage of the pedagogy used in planning, including research-based instructional strategies to promote developmental, functional, and academic learning across a continuum of placement settings to improve outcomes for students birth-21 with Developmental Cognitive Disabilities (DCD). Teacher candidates will understand and experience the process of using relevant assessment data to develop meaningful IEPs leading to effective instruction. Strategies to cultivate and maintain positive, collaborative relationships with children, families, educators, paraprofessionals and related service providers, and the community to support student development and educational progress will be incorporated throughout the course.