B.F.A Degree in Graphic & Interactive Design {21-22} - Capstone Project: GD

Course Code
GID 492D  Credits
Title Capstone Project: GD 
Prerequisite GID 492C AND meets GID Degree Requirements #1-4, (Noteā€“can take with GID 469
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This is an advanced course for Graphic & Interactive Design majors with a Graphic Design emphasis. This course and GID 492C are used as the capstone experience in producing a senior project, exhibition, and the development of a portfolio. The 492D course is the second step in this process and is a continuation of the work begun in the Capstone Research course. It has been specifically designed to provide students the opportunity to critically analyze and develop their portfolio, technical skills, and to continue their study in various graphic design specialties in preparation for their Senior Gallery Exhibit and professional practice.