Graphic & Interactive Design - Digital Design and Production Studio

Course Code
GID 438  Credits
Title Digital Design and Production Studio 
Prerequisite GID 430 and GID 434 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description Digital Design & Production Studio is an advanced study in digital design and production techniques. It is the culminating course in the Digital Design and Digital Prepress course series. This course is designed to bring together all of the digital design/graphics and digital prepress knowledge already learned, prepare students for presenting projects and working with clients, and to continue the in-depth exploration of Adobe Photoshop begun in the GID 430 Advanced Digital Design course. Graphic communicators must be prepared to and comfortable with showing and explaining their projects to others (clients, employers, etc). They must also become comfortable with others critiquing their work and requesting changes to the project. The projects and presentations in this course are designed to help students become more comfortable with this aspect of the graphics industry. Students will work individually and in groups on projects that will require the use of the digital design (both layout and graphics) and digital prepress skills already learned. These projects are designed to simulate the real-world experience of working on projects for clients. Students will be assigned a company and will create various drafts of the assigned project based on “client” feedback. Each of these project drafts will be presented to the class for critique and will need to be reworked based on the critique and the “client” feedback until the desired final results are achieved.