Certificate in Water Quality Science {22-23} - Water, Land, and People: an Introduction to Physical Geography (Lab)

Course Code
GEOS 110L  Credits
Title Water, Land, and People: an Introduction to Physical Geography (Lab) 
Prerequisite Geos 110 must be taken previously or concurrently. 
Lasc Area Goal 3 Lab  
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This Lab course complements the lecture section of this course and fulfills the lab component for the LASC 3L designation. The course applies lab exercises to addresses physical geography, some aspects of geology, and the basic interactions between humans and their environment. Specific topics include landscapes and landscape formation, soils and ecosystems, surface and groundwater processes, weather and climate, natural hazards, and natural resources. The Lab objectives of this course include a hands on development of students' framework of basic concepts and theories in physical geography and geology, and having students develop their own methodology for analyzing the spatial patterns of the natural world based on the concepts learned. Geography is a discipline of synthesis, and this course will include traditions and theories of geology, anthropology, archaeology, and bioscience with student evaluating societal questions from these broad perspectives. MnTC Goal 3L