BA Degree in Leadership & Innovation in Aging Studies {22-23} - Plagues & Peoples: Disease and the Environment

Course Code
HIST 374  Credits
Title Plagues & Peoples: Disease and the Environment 
Lasc Area
  • Goal 5
  • Goal 10
Course Outline Course Outline 
Writing Intensive Yes  
Description This course introduces the student to the complex and interdependent relationship humans have with disease and the environment. We have long recognized the environment in which we live and work plays a key role in our physical health. To help us understand our modern social, medical, and political response to epidemic disease, we will examine the ways epidemics have taxed economic, religious, and political resources through time. Additionally, we will look at ways society reacted to epidemic disease, and how the medical community evolved to meet this threat. MnTC Goal 5 and 10.