Minor in Environmental Geology {23-24} - Problems in Mineralogy and Petrology

Course Code
GEOS 304L  Credits
Title Problems in Mineralogy and Petrology 
Prerequisite GEOS 109 or GEOS 209L 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This independent study self-learning module provides a guided opportunity to practice applying concepts from GEOS 303 (Mineralogy and Petrology) through science reasoning challenges, real-world geology problems, and self-guided labs. Problems include labs in mineral identification in hand sample and under the microscope, interpretation of rocks under the microscope, practice in recognizing symmetry patterns, interpretation of phase diagrams, application of Goldschmidt's Rules, and mineral uses and refining constraints. Pre-requisite = GEOS 109 or 209L, co-enrollment in GEOS 303 Mineralogy and Petrology recommended.