Master of Science in Athletic Training {23-24} - Pathophysiology,Pharmacology,Physical Assessment for Health Professions I

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NURS 635  Credits
Title Pathophysiology,Pharmacology,Physical Assessment for Health Professions I 
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Description This course is the first of a two-course series that integrates health histories, research-based biopsychosocial assessments, pharmacology, and physiology/ pathophysiology. Concepts addressed in this course include cellular function, inflammation, immunity, infections, maladaptive processes, genetics, and fluid/electrolyte regulation. The lifespan approach will (a) strengthen the health professional’s foundation for practice; (b) facilitate understanding of health-related information to teach students, patients and caregivers; (c) facilitate inter-professional collaboration; and (d) improve health care across a wide variety of settings. Students will complete health histories and physical exams using a variety of methods including digital simulation.