Master of Arts in Criminal Justice {23-24} - Drug Abuse Control Policy

Course Code
CJ 545  Credits
Title Drug Abuse Control Policy 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This course aims to understand the personal and societal impacts of drug use and abuse in late-modern societies and the systems and policies governments have implemented in response. It will include a sociological assessment of the societal construction of drug use as a social problem, and the complex interplay between moral panics around drug use/abuse and the creation of laws and social policy in response to the public’s outrage. This course studies drug policies in the United States and drug policies from other nation-states, including the global south, to see what lessons we can learn from other societies and cultures. It considers how drug laws/policies have differentially affected some communities especially BIPOC ones. The connection between drug abuse and crime, and the criminal justice response to this relationship, is a salient theme of the course. Finally, this course reflects on the medicalization of addiction and how the shift away from criminalizing drug use/abuse affects public policy and law enforcement practices.