B.A. Degree in Film Studies {19-20}

B.A. Degree in Film Studies

The Film studies major is designed for students who wish to work in some aspect of the film industry as well as those who are interested in the academic study of film. Classes incorporate the traditional format of film and new digital technologies into the curriculum. The Film Studies major focuses on the theoretical and historical analysis of cinema and media arts, as it relates to genres, authorship, curating, and various critical and theoretical approaches.
To receive the B.A. Degree in Film Studies, the student must meet the minimum university requirements and specific requirements for the program. Completion of 120 credits is required for this degree which includes the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core (42 credits).

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will utilize and demonstrate proficiency in the three phases of film production (pre-production, production, and post-production) in the creation of short film and video projects, in related studio classes.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of film history, film theory, production and post-production aesthetics.
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking, analytical reasoning and critical analysis of filmmaking principles, practices and techniques.  These include: specialized use of film lexicon, analysis related to craft and cinematic expression (including mise-en-scene, cinematography principles, lighting design, sound design, directing, producing and editing concepts), and analysis of a broad range of film texts (genre studies, directors studies, research methods, international cinemas, and adaptation theory).
  • Students will be able to examine and analyze film texts, articulate conclusions as to their historical and critical values, and begin developing their own critical research.
  • Students will integrate theory and research skills in the creation of a capstone thesis paper for academic public presentation.

Core Requirements ( 42 credits )

The core is required of all students majoring in Film Studies. A grade of "C" or higher in FILM 492B is required for graduation. In addition to these requirements, students must fulfill the general university requirements to earn a B.A. degree in Film Studies.

FILM 175 Video Production (4)
FILM 275 Film Appreciation (4)
FILM 285 History of Motion Pictures (4)
FILM 302 Practicum (1)
FILM 365 International Cinemas (4)
FILM 386 Film and Media Arts Genres (4)
FILM 387 Authorship in Film & Media Arts (4)
FILM 388 Research Methods in Film & Media Arts (4)
FILM 460 Curating and Programming Media Arts (4)
FILM 480 Critical Approaches to Film & Media Arts (4)
FILM 469 Internship (1)
FILM 492A Capstone Research (1)
FILM 492B Capstone Project (3)

Program Requirements

Students must successfully complete the following:

Completion of Foundational Portfolio Review
Completion of Thesis Portfolio Review
Completion of Capstone Portfolio Review

Computer and Software Requirements:

The FILM Production and FILM Studies program have a laptop requirement. Current equipment specifications as well as any purchase or rental options will be discussed during the first semester of enrollment.


MacBook Pro for higher processing and memory.
Here are specs, all of which would work:


  • Mac Operating System Catalina 10.15
  • Microsoft Office - available for student rates and to download at
  • More information on creative software such as the Adobe CC, and Final Cut Pro for Film will be provided from your program instructors closer to the start of the semester

Restricted Electives ( 16 credits )

Restricted Film & Media Studio Electives - 8 credits from list

ANIM 375 Stop-Motion Animation (4)
EIT 182 Intro to Audio Recording (2)
FILM 372 Editing Techniques (4)
FILM 378 Techniques of Producing (4)
FILM 383 Adaptations to Film (4)
FILM 472 Community Video Project (4)
GID 230 Introduction to Digital Design (4)
GID 250 Introduction to Interactive Media (4)
PHO 202 Basic Digital Imaging (4)

Other Restricted Electives - 8 credits from list

Must include one FILM course.

ART 233 Global Art History I (3)
ART 234 Global Art History II (3)
COMM 301 Business and Professional Communication (3)
COMM 351 Messaging for Mobile Media (3)
COMM 352 Social Media Campaigns (3)
COMM 365 Media Planning (3)
COMM 383 Event Planning (3)
COMM 423 Marketing Communications (3)
ENGL 285 Scriptwriting(3)
FILM 265 16 mm Production (4)
FILM 290 Topics in Film (1-3)
FILM 384 Techniques of Film Directing (4)
FILM 390 Topics in Film (1-3)
FILM 416 Special Projects in Film (1-3)
FILM 469 Internship (1-12)
FILM 490 Topics in Film (1-3)
PHIL 320 Philosophy of the Arts (3) or
ART 320 Philosophy of the Arts (3)
THTR 230 Acting I: Principles (3)
THTR 235 Directing I: Principles (3)
THTR 255 Stagecraft (3)
THTR 322 Drama II (3)