Minor in Health Education {21-22}

Minor in Health Education

Students who select this minor must also earn a teaching major in another discipline. Students should be advised the state of Minnesota does not recognize minors in health education for teacher licensure. Students who desire licensure in states other than Minnesota should check with teacher licensure authorities to determine licensure requirements.

Core Requirements ( 27 credits )

HLTH 110 Personal Health and Wellness (3)
HLTH 125 First Aid and CPR (2)
HLTH 305 Introduction to Nutrition (3)
HLTH 327 Safety Education and Consumer Protection (3)
HLTH 330 Disease Prevention (2)
HLTH 335 Health Education and the Middle Level Adolescent (3)
HLTH 340 Health Methods and Materials (3)
HLTH 412 Education for Sexuality and HIV/AIDS (3)
HLTH 465 Coordinated School Health Programs (2)
EXS 321 Human Physiology (3)