Minor in Strength and Conditioning {22-23}

Minor in Strength & Conditioning

The Strength & Conditioning minor focuses on courses in health, exercise science, and strength and conditioning to prepare students who have an interest in working with individuals in the area of strength training and conditioning. The courses may assist students in preparation to take certification exams.

Core Requirements ( 21 credits )

HLTH 125 First Aid and CPR (2)
HLTH 305 Introduction to Nutrition (3)
EXS 202 Strength and Conditioning Exercise Techniques (1)
EXS 302 Strength and Conditioning Program Design (2)
EXS 320 Anatomical Kinesiology (3)
EXS 365 Health and Fitness Instructor (3)
EXS 402 Strength and Conditioning Practicum (1)
EXS 420 Biomechanics (3)
EXS 421 Physiology of Exercise (3)