BS Degree in Global Supply Chain Management {22-23}

B.S. Degree in Global Supply Chain Management

The major in Global Supply Chain Management provides education for those interested in planning and implementing successful supply chain strategies both domestically and internationally. The degree is intended to create globally minded citizens who can manage the distribution of goods and services not only domestically, but also across the world. Students who graduate from this major can travel the world or stay local. Supply chain is necessary for both local, national, and global movement of goods and services. Completion of 120 credits is required for this degree which includes the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the components of global supply chains (e.g., sourcing, manufacturing and production, distribution, sales and customer service) and issues related to the management of global supply chains. 
  • Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses, of different business operating models. 
  • Explain how organizations operate and adapt to cultural and regional norms, address border issues, and comply with local, regional, and international laws governing the conduct of business. 
  • Explain the connections between disciplines related to GSCM (e.g., Operations, Marketing, Sales, Information Systems, International Business, etc.).
  • Identify and explain current and future career opportunities within GSCM.

Program Delivery Mode
Online Plus: offered entirely online with face-to-face options available for some/all sections

Core Requirements ( 39 credits )

ACCT 230 Principles of Accounting I (3)
MGMT 260 Principles of Management (3)
MGMT 371 Introduction to Business Analytics (3)
MGMT 380 Operations Management (3)
MGMT 419 Supply Chain Management (3)
MKTG 270 Principles of Marketing (3)
OM 380 Methods Improvement (WI) (3)
OM 395 Computer Applications for Technologists (3)
OM 470 Purchasing and Sourcing Management (3)
OM 472 Logistics Management and Network Design (3)
OM 485 Production Inventory Management (3)
PMGT 300 Project Management and Scheduling (3)
PMGT 385 Process Leadership (WI) (3)

Designated Writing Intensive Course for Major
OM 380 Methods Improvement (3) or PMGT 385 Process Leadership (3)

Related Requirements ( 6 credits )

MATH 234 Probability and Statistics (LASC 4) (3)
ECON 202 Microeconomics (LASC 5) (3)

Restricted Electives ( 12 credits )

FINC 340 Financial Management (3) OR OM 483 Cost Analysis (3)
MKTG 444 International Marketing (3) OR PMGT 301 Introduction to CRM (3)
MGMT 458 International Management (3) OR PMGT 401 CRM Consulting (3)
BUS 480 Dragon Consulting (3) OR OM 469 Internship (3)