Minor in English-Writing {22-23}

Minor in English-Writing

English Writing Minor - 18 credits

Core Requirements ( 12 credits )

Students must take at least twelve credits chosen from the following courses. A maximum of three credits hours from ENGL 469 is applicable to this minor.

ENGL 285 Scriptwriting (3)
ENGL 286 Writing for the Workplace (3)
ENGL 288 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 387 Technical Report Writing (3)
ENGL 388 Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 395 Theory and Methods of Tutoring (3)
ENGL 469 Internship (1-12)
ENGL 488 Advanced Creative Writing (3)

Restricted Electives ( 6 credits )

Students must take six credits in English elective courses in consultation with Minor advisor. Each student is encouraged to assemble a portfolio of writing samples to present to prospective employers.