Certificate - Marine Aquarist {23-24}

Marine Aquarist Certificate

Incremental advancement in mastery of skills and knowledge of husbandry of marine organisms housed at the MSUM Oceanarium, understanding of marine ecosystem function, and the relationship between human activities and resilience of the biosphere conferred by functions of the world's oceans.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Direct experience with maintaining a marine facility, teaching the general public about conservation of marine biodiversity.
  • Knowledge of major groups of marine organisms and marine habitats.
  • Awareness of general physiochemical properties of water, abiotic factors that affect the distribution and availability of nutrients required for biological productivity.
  • Knowldge of political policies that regulate use of marine resources.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Core Requirements ( 17 credits )

BIOL 115/BIOL 115L Organismal Biology (4) (LASC 3)
BIOL 372 Aquatic Biology (4) (WI)
GEOS 305 Oceanography (3) (LASC 10)
SUST 200 Nature of Sustainability (3) (LASC 2)
BIOL 130 Oceanarium I (1) (Aquarist I status)
BIOL 230 Oceanarium II (1) (Aquarist II status)
BIOL 330 Oceanarium III (1) (Aquarist III status)