B.S. Degree in Health Education {19-20} - The Professional Teacher in the Classroom

Course Code
ED 498  Credits
Title The Professional Teacher in the Classroom 
Prerequisite ED 205 SPED 225 ED 294 ED 310 Successful admission in SARTE 
Description The purpose of this course and 60-hour practicum is to prepare for a successful student teaching experience. More specifically, to accomplish the following. To engage in a meaningful field experience and to process that experience through reflection, analysis, discussion, and writing. To plan, prepare, teach and assess a unit consistent with the edTPA requirements. To deepen one's understanding of the role of a teacher, the types of duties and commitment that classroom teaching entails by leading a focus class all semester. To increase one's awareness and ability to respond to the social, emotional, physical, and psychological needs of students with support from the cooperating teacher, school liaison, and ED 498 instructor. To contribute to a positive learning environment, by encouraging appropriate social interactions and engagement in the learning process. To develop professional consultation skills necessary to initiate and apply appropriate and effective teaming techniques across school and home environments.