B.S. Degree in Business Administration {20-21} - Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Course Code
MATH 234  Credits
Title Introduction to Probability and Statistics 
Prerequisite Any of the following pre-reqs are required (all courses require grade of C- or higher: MATH 127, MATH 127L, MATH 227, MATH 142, MATH 143, MATH 229, or MATH 261; or ACT Math = 24 or SAT 580 or above or Accuplacer College Level Math = 50 or Accuplacer AAF = 255 
Lasc Area Goal 4  
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description Measures of central tendency and variation, probability, probability distributions, sampling distributions and the central limit theorem, estimation and tests of hypotheses for population mean and population proportion, and simple linear regression. May not be taken for credit by those who earned credit in MATH 336. Students who have completed MATH 262 are encouraged to take MATH 335 rather than MATH 234. Must have successfully completed College Algebra or acceptable placement score. MnTC Goal 4.