Master of Science in Nursing - Graduate Certificates in Nurse Education, Nurse Administration & Organizational Systems Leadership, and Informatics, Evidence-Based Practice & Project Management/Strategy {21-22} - Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Course Code
NURS 615  Credits
Title Research and Evidence-Based Practice 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This course focuses on evidence-based practice and the foundational knowledge necessary to support such practice. The interrelationship between theory, ethics, research, and evidence-based clinical practice will be highlighted. The course builds upon understanding of research and evidence-based practice concepts, processes, and methodologies appropriate for diverse healthcare career paths (e.g., academic, leadership, practice). Knowledge acquisition, leveling of evidence, and literature synthesis will be addressed. Translational science strategies to improve practice change implementation will be analyzed. Throughout the course, students will critique research and evidence-based practice changes. The importance of participating in and/or leading collaborative teams to improve health outcomes and support policy changes through knowledge generation, knowledge dissemination, and planning, as well as, evaluating knowledge implementation will be emphasized. Pre-Req: An education, business, or healthcare statistics course at the undergraduate (300/400 course, 3000/4000 course) or graduate level must be taken prior to registering for NURS 615. A course within the last 5 years is highly recommended.