B.F.A Degree in Graphic & Interactive Design {21-22} - Capstone Research: DDP & IM

Course Code
GID 492A  Credits
Title Capstone Research: DDP & IM 
Prerequisite senior status AND completion of all required courses in GID core & emphasis (except GID 438 or GID 458) AND meets GID Degree Requirements #1-4  
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This course is an advanced course for Graphic & Interactive Design majors with a Digital Design & Production emphasis or an Interactive Media emphasis. This course along with GID 492B provide students their capstone experience, which culminates in creating, producing, displaying, and presenting a professional-level project in the Senior Showcase. Projects must focus on design, technical, and production skills and knowledge ascertained from previous semesters, as well as experiment and expand beyond the content provided in coursework. The GID 492A course is the first step in this process and has been specifically designed to provide students the opportunity to analyze and reflect on their professional preparation, with a focus on development and critique of resumes and portfolios. It also exercises students’ writing, research, planning, and organizational skills in putting together a professional proposal that will be used in the creation of their project for the Senior Showcase. This proposal will serve as the framework for the weekly development and critiques that will take place the following semester in GID 492B and must include detailed descriptions, specifications, timelines, and budgets.